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1st Iberian Meeting on Agroecological Research (ibagreco) - Agroeco, AEET working group

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the 1st Iberian Meeting on Agroecological Research (ibagreco) – “Establishing the ecological basis for sustainable agriculture” is being organized and will be hosted by the University of Évora on 22-23 November 2018 in Évora, Portugal.

This meeting is promoted by members of Agroeco (Agroecology Research Network), a recently created Work Group of the AEET focused on the study of the ecology of terrestrial agricultural systems. Land conversion for agricultural purposes and the intensification of farming practices are major threats to ecosystems worldwide and Agroecology provides a scientifically rigorous basis for sustainable croplands by taking into consideration all those ecological aspects that need to be addressed for the conservation management of production landscapes. Is thus aimed at guiding research and decision-making for food production and security, while committed with the conservation of biodiversity and its associated ecosystem functions and services, essential for sustainable agriculture.

In response to the burgeoning interest showed by researchers on agroecological studies in Spain and Portugal, the University of Évora is organizing the 1st Iberian Meeting on Agroecological Research (ibagreco) to be held from 22nd to 23rd of November 2018 in Évora, Portugal. ibagreco is intended to bring together research aimed to understand the ecological basis for sustainable agriculture and is conceived to offer researchers a framework to share their cutting-edge research on Iberian agroecosystems. However, research from all over the world will be also very welcome. Join us!

All information about the meeting is available at:

·         AEET Attendance Grants for Students

The AEET – Asociación Española de Ecologia Terrestre will fund 50% of the attendance fees of 10 students AEET members, in order to attend or present their research results at the 1st ibagreco.

·         SPECO & AEET Student Awards

One award for the best student oral communication and one award for the best student poster will be given at the 1st ibagreco.
The award consists in a one-year membership of both SPECO – Sociedade Portuguesa de Ecologia and AEET – Asociación Española de Ecologia Terrestre for the year of 2019.


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